Fall on Barger Pond
About On Barger Pond

On Barger Pond.com is for our potential vacation renters. This site will acquaint you with the features of this property, the local attractions and a more detailed description of the cottage.

Although just an hour north of New York, the rural landscape and feel of the Hudson Valley quickly washes away the grit and grime of the city and replaces it with a calm, pastoral setting. The cottage has been in the family since the original farmlands were first divided back in the 40's. This particular parcel was the first selected, the boundaries were drawn up to include the best views, landscape and trees. Subsequent landscaping and the passage of time has created this little three acre retreat on a lake.

Over the years the place has been rented to various tenants for differing rental terms. Long term renters have eventually moved on, one even purchasing a house on the other side of the lake, shorter period renters have taken it for the whole season or even a full year, as a retreat to write or just to try out country living. The best option of city dwellers is to rent the cottage for the summer season, the place is big enough for a weekend visit with friends, and close enough to get back into the city for a day.